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3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves


The traits of a great leader are as infinite as the groups of people being led.  Every project, team, and objective has a unique dynamic, which requires its own recipe for effective leadership. Although great leadership may have many faces, leadership assessment can be evaluated on a universal scale. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you try to better understand leadership.

Does my team understand the vision and their role in achieving success?

We all know how integral employee engagement is to high productivity (read more about employee engagement).  With only 31% of employees engaged, you can see how a business can easily find themselves in the red if they don’t address these issues head on.  Most employees don’t want to feel like they have job, but rather that they are building a career.  If they don’t understand the value of what they are doing and how they can positively impact the company’s outcomes, they are significantly less likely to feel engaged.

Consider this example: If your spouse asked you to remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room, there is little likelihood that you’ll make a concerted effort to do so.  However, if your spouse told you that by remembering to turn the lights off, you could save up to $2,300 dollars in energy bills and take a mini vacation, you’d probably live in the dark for the rest of the year.

Do I understand my team’s priorities and needs?

As a leader, it’s your job to know what needs to be done to improve outcomes but a wise leader knows where to go looking for that answer.  If you find productivity and morale are low, then it’s imperative to interview your team to determine what essential tools they may be lacking.  These tools can range from education to technology to actual tools needed to do a job.

Remember that your employees are your ground troops and deal with the obstacles most detrimental to your productivity goals daily.  Listen to their strategy ideas.  Check out this article for a great case study on doing it right.

Do the measurables support the team and the vision?

Leadership is discernment.  A great leader understands that productivity measures must reflect relevant issues for success.  There is a story about a supervisor that was chronically 10 minutes late to work because he stopped to get his team donuts every morning. This supervisor had the lowest turnover, and his team had the highest productivity on the floor by leaps and bounds.  He spent his lunch creating additional training material for his team and was generally well liked by everyone he interacted with. The company’s annual evaluation was based on three basic categories: punctuality, productivity, and employee evaluations.

All three were scored equally.  Even though he maxed out scores for the last two categories, he failed to reach the necessary points needed to earn his bonus, based on his punctuality. Guess who found another place of employment less than two months later?  The point here is that the system of measurement was illogical.  Clearly, this supervisor made and saved much more money for his company than was lost in the 10 minutes he was late most days, but the measurement system was not created effectively.  The expectation must also be reasonable and well balanced.  Not only must a clear objective be met, but because this is a human endeavor, the manner in which success is pursued is pivotal.

Logbook Loans – How They Work Against Your Motorcycle



You may use any of your vehicles as collateral for borrowing money from a lender. Such a loan is often termed as a logbook loan and it’s secured by nature. This means that under circumstances when you fail to repay your loan, the lender will be able to sell your vehicle and recover the loan amount.

Logbook loans may come with different terms and conditions depending on your place of residence. You’ll need to produce the car title and the keys and provide the lender with the ownership of your vehicle temporarily till you repay the loan amount. Logbook loans may be achieved by your car or your motorcycle.

In the event you fail to repay your loan, the lender will gain possession of your motorcycle and he might even consider selling it. He can gain possession by producing proof of his temporary ownership in the court of law. However, if you arrive at a higher purchase agreement, you’ll gain more protection as a consumer. You’re bound to come across a few quality resources on logbook loans while surfing the web. However, this article is meant to provide a deep insight into borrowing money against your motorcycle

Is it good to opt for a logbook loan on your motorcycle?

Once you’ve attempted a few lenders and got refused then you may gain an easy access to funds by applying for logbook loans. In the event you need to borrow a larger sum of money, then you may show your motorcycle in the form of security. You’ll easily achieve a much bigger amount that you usually do with a short-term loan.

You’ll need to determine if you can make the loan repayments quickly. All you need to do is to follow the loan repayment terms if you don’t wish to risk losing the motorcycle to your lender.

How to go about finding a logbook loan for your motorcycle

You’re likely to come across so many logbook lenders online. While a few of them are only into providing logbooks loans, others are into resolving multiple financial problems. You might come across a few logbook loan providers in your city and decide on visiting their office. Alternatively, you may come across a few good cash converters the help you in achieving such loans in the high street. However, if you choose a few logbook lenders online, you’ll be in a position to compare their offers and pick the best one for you.

The loan application process doesn’t get dragged for long once when you achieve a loan against your motorcycle. You may get the entire process completed over the telephone. You may opt for a meeting with the loan provider’s representative at your preferred location. He won’t take much time to get the paperwork done. You’re likely to see the funds in your account within a day. The lender may choose to pay this amount by check or in cash depending on his preferred mode of payment. Feel free to clarify your doubts prior to submitting your loan application.

PAMM Account: How it Turns out beneficial for both managers and traders

PAMM Account, alternately known as the Percentage Allocation Management Module refers to a forex trading account which consists of accounts of multiple investors at the same time but is administered by one manager. The whole trading structure has been hailed for its simplified functionalities—but why? How does it simplify trading? Let us discover in the course of this post.

PAMM Account: Its benefits explored

By being a part of the Forex PAMM account, an investor basically secures the chance of procuring significant profits even without involving themselves too much in the trade. Here is how this particular trading structure works.

Find out how it proves beneficial for both the investors and managers

It is the manager who opens the PAMM account (with his own money) at first and assigns a part of his investment as the manager’s capital from which he cannot withdraw cash. The manager, then, markets this account in order to draw potential investors to it. Needless to say, it’s the performance of the account which serves as the most important governing factor influencing the investors’ decision to join (or not to join) the account. As an investor, if you agree to participate in the PAMM account then you will get a share of profits or incur a part of losses as per the share of your investment. The funds are distributed only at the end of every trading period.

As an investor, you only have to demonstrate due discretion while making a decision regarding your participation in Forex PAMM. Make sure you are studying the long term performance of the account before joining it. It would also be prudent on your end to survey the credentials of the trading manager himself. Logically speaking, an individual wouldn’t really be confident of managing others’ trading accounts if he hasn’t been in the trade for a substantial period of time. Has the manager been trading for long? Does he have a successful trading history himself? Make sure you’re trying to find these details before making a decision.

If the manager has been able to evoke due confidence with the help of his own and his trading account’s performance then you can definitely let him manage your investments on behalf of you. And keeping his expertise in view, you can even expect good returns from your account.

The foremost benefit of the PAMM account is that it allows investors to make substantial profits from their trading accounts even if they aren’t really ready to devote much time to trading. However, that will only happen when you’re able to select a manager judiciously.

However, it’s not only the investors who end up benefitting from PAMM, even managers have significant gains to procure as well (otherwise they wouldn’t have started the platform at the first place). They can obviously manage accounts of investors and draw profits. Plus, they get to set their own conditions for investors – only agreeing to which the interested investors can sign up for the account.

Please make sure you’re educating yourself more about PAMM account in order to explore further about its beneficial aspects.

Three Business Areas that Staff Training will Improve

Many companies today think that training isn’t a necessity during these difficult economic times, and it is unfortunately the first thing to be cut from many businesses’ budgets. If you’d like to know how investment in training could help you improve your sales and keep customers coming back, then read on.

The Workforce

Career choice and job satisfaction isn’t all about money; according to recent statistics, 76% of employees want career growth opportunities in the workplace. People are dreamers; they like to evolve and progress, and their daily working environment is no different. Training opportunities mean not only a future for your staff, but it tells them that you care. The fact that you have recognised them as someone who would benefit from development suggests that you have confidence in them, which in turn raises their self-esteem and belief in there own abilities.

Plus, it can be done in several stages so that your staff get the opportunity to develop their new skills in practice and implement it in their daily working life. Check out the latest ITIL Certifications on the Global Knowledge website – the learning structure now consists of foundation, intermediate and complementary courses, eventually leading up to the award of ITIL® Expert. In this way, your staff can progress at their own pace in a professional online environment.

The Customer

As much as 40% of employees who receive poor training leave their positions within the first year – that’s a huge statistic. That kind of staff retention will have implications for your bottom line, if you have to keep giving bad service while new employees learn the ropes continuously. The customer is the second key part of your business that improves with training. If staff feel happier and better equipped to deal with the public, they pass their knowledge on to the consumer who can make more informed purchasing decisions. As a result, they revert to you as their go-to supplier for that type of product, as it’s the fantastic service they received that sticks in the memory.

The Turnover

Needless to say, when your customers keep coming back, your turnover keeps rising! Training is not an expense, it’s an investment! Would you rather keep ill-informed staff while employees with the potential to go further in your company walk out? Or have good employees that contribute to more leads and higher sales figures? Staff training needs to be seen as an opportunity to build your business, improve returns and provide great customer service, not a burden to be ignored.

Avert the chances of losing money in the forex market – Your secret to success

If you have an idea about the bigger picture, you will see that the global forex market boasts about more than $4 trillion in average daily trading volume and this undoubtedly makes it the highest traded market in the world. The popularity and user-friendliness of the forex market makes it enticing for most prospective traders to take the plunge into this market. Although it is pretty easy to lose money in the forex market as well, you should still be careful. Here are some tips to consider avoid losing money.

  1. Do your bit of homework which is needed: Just because it is said that the forex market is pretty easy to be traded, it doesn’t mean that you can avoid the due diligence. Learning about the forex market is an integral part of the market which shapes the success of the trader. Homework means the ongoing effort which you need to put as traders and which you require while adapting to the changing conditions of the market. You also have to develop a trading plan as a part of this research process.
  2. Hire a reputable broker: The entire forex industry has less oversight than all the other markets and hence often it is seen that people end up with not-so-famous forex broker. Due to safety concerns and overall integrity of the deposits, the character and nature of the broker is of utmost importance. Look for a member of the NFA or the National Futures Association and who is registered with the CFTC or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
  3. Use a demo account: Nearly all forex trading platforms come with a demo account and this is sometimes known as a simulated account. The most essential benefit of a practice account is that it allows the trader to become experienced with different order techniques. Pushing the wrong button while opening or exiting a position is a serious mistake that can have a damaging impact on your returns. Such silly mistakes can be avoided if you can practice trading in the dummy accounts. Practice makes a man perfect and this is also true for a trader.

In case you need help of the forex brokerage firms, you can get help of companies like ETX Capital where you can get professionals do the work on your behalf. Take informed and measured decisions in order to avoid any discrepancies in the long run.

10 Flaws which will influence your employees in a bad way

Being a leader is not an easy thing to do. Being a good leader is even harder. In this article, we will cover common reasons why employees lose their faith in leaders. If you feel insulted, that is good, it means we struck a nerve, and that some things needs to be changed.

  1. Self-centered – Everyone are in the business because of the money, no argue about that, but if you go so far that everything is set to your advantage, you will lose both money and employees.
  2. Inconsistent – You say one thing, give certain promises, and then you do not fulfill them. It is one thing if your company had failed to achieve some goals, but if there is an internal agreement on certain matter, stick to your promise.
  3. Lack of faith – If you do not believe something can be done, how can you expect from others to believe in you? There is a tactic to set a notch higher goals, but you must believe in what are you doing. You are an example to your employees, and if you lack faith, how can you expect from them to do different?
  4. Ruling by fear – One thing needs to be clear. You must be intimidating. Frightening, to instill great fear, but for competition. There is a difference between a lion guarding his cubs, and the lion who beats them. First one is setting up a base for a strong pack one day, and the other will be left behind once he grows too old.
  5. Too easy – In business, mistakes are made, simply it happens. But when it does, tell that to your employer which made it. Be clear, fair and honest. If you are too soft, people will think that you lack spine to confront them with their mistakes, which will make their faith crumble.
  6. Afraid – Lack of courage is one the worst flaws for a leader to have. It makes others question their ability to lead team or a company, and start doing their job half-way through. Instead of focusing on their work, employees will think about whether they would be better as leaders.
  7. Braggart – With great power comes great responsibility, no argue about that, but there is no need for you to boast about your new car, which costs as yearly income of an average employee.
  8. Unrealistic – Goal of increasing your profit by 3% this year is good, motivating thing to strive to, but to promise that your company will buy Microsoft completely another.
  9. Unsupportive – Sooner or later, we hit the bottom hard. But it matters only how high we bounce back. If your employee goes through tough period, be there, and help him bounce higher. They will appreciate it. People will also see you as a human person, who cares for something other than profit.
  10. “The smartest” – Your position as a leader is a result of a hard work, effort and sacrifice, but do not be deluded. You are not “God-given” to this company, and do not behave like this. Everyone can be at that position.

We hope that the information in the article is beneficial. However, If you are uncertain about how employees see you, the company can always set up a questionnaire with survey awards, and make it anonymous. Fortunately, there are companies, such as ProOpinion who are quite successful in providing online surveys for respected firms. This will encourage your employees to be honest, and will also strengthen your bond with them.

A Personal Line Of Credit Is Your Ace In The Hole

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but whoever “they” are probably never had to worry about money. Not having to fret about how you’ll pay for things certainly takes a weight off. When you have the freedom to pay off unexpected expenses without anxiety, your life runs a lot smoother. A personal line of credit is an accessible and flexible way to have the money you need for when sudden bills, weddings, check-ups, and repairs demand payment.

Some people might not the see the difference between a personal line of credit and a conventional small dollar loan. Not knowing the differences can lead these individuals to miss out on the advantages a line of credit can afford. Unlike small dollar loans that start to incur interest immediately upon issue and are expected to be paid off in full, a line of credit offers a more amenable lending alternative. Interest is only charged when you decide to use your credit, and no matter how much of the predetermined loan you use, you can pay back as little or as much of it as you like as long as you cover the minimum monthly payments.

Many families, who only need quick access to cash during certain times of the year, find this a more manageable addition to their finances than other small dollar loans. Not having to pay interest when they’re not using it is certainly one reason. Another is how easy it can be to apply. When you contact direct online lenders for your personal line of credit, you don’t have to attend long meetings that analyze your long and often sordid financial history. Instead, you can apply from the comfort of your home by filling out a quick online application. Approval is instantaneous and access to credit can arrive within one business day.

Personal lines of credit can come in all shapes and sizes, so recognizing which one is a healthy choice for your families’ financial situation is paramount to your overall financial success. Don’t settle with just any direct online lender. At the bare minimum, the organization that issues your credit should be a state licensed lender that actively practices and encourages responsible lending. When you contact direct online lenders like MoneyKey, you can relax knowing they are members of the Community Financial Service Association of America (CFSA) and the Online Lender’s Alliance (OLA), and as such, are committed to following all state rules and regulations to provide realistic lending opportunities. They will provide manageable limits to your line of credit, so you aren’t overwhelmed or tempted to overspend.

When you secure a line of credit that’s within your means, you live stress-free knowing you have the flexibility to pay for unexpected expenses that come your way. It can be your ace in the hole when you need a little extra help, which means you’re a little closer to attaining that happiness that money supposedly can’t buy.

Is technology to blame for your child growing up faster?


Children today are exposed to a lot of stimuli from technological sources. This has led to children becoming more aware at a younger age. Knowledge brings a higher degree of maturity at a younger age. Some say that this means children are doing better, while others say that too much too young is bad for the overall development of the person. Here are some key facts to consider about the impact of technology on the younger generation:

Unsuitable material

There is a lot to be seen on the internet and not all of it is appropriate for anyone at all, let alone a child. Although parental controls are available on many devices and computers, it is hard to completely eliminate unsuitable materials from being accessible to your child if they use any electronic devices. Some older children may even know how to get past your controls.

Social media

Social media sites are supposed to be for people 13 and older but this is not always the case. It is important to talk to your child and teens about online safety. Children and young teens on social media are particularly vulnerable to predators, or to being contacted by other unsuitable persons such as classroom bullies. Children and teens can be tempted to lie about their age or even have several different profiles. Many parents attempt to monitor their child’s social media somewhat, with varying results.

Lack of privacy

Remember when classroom quarrels or disagreements used to be kept at school? Now children face the prospect of their troubles being expressed via social media. This means that children have little privacy. There is also the fact that with everyone carrying smartphones, a photograph can be taken at almost any time.

Less time living and more time sharing

Electronic devices can be addictive and take away from a child’s quality of life. Sometimes it seems that children and adults alike are more concerned with letting others see what they are doing than truly enjoying the experience themselves.

Imposing limits

Some people say that the lack of privacy and the invasiveness of technology in the lives of everyday people is reason to impose some regulations and limits on the press and social media. Max Mosley has been in favour of some privacy regulations to combat the breaches of privacy he has to deal with as a well-known person. You can hear more from Max Mosley on 4thoughttv. Those who are against these limitations argue that it goes against freedom of thought and speech to exercise control over print and digital media sources.

Talking to your child

With influences from all over the world available to your child nonstop, it is important to talk to them about spending too much time living in a digital world. This may mean imposing limits on how much time they spend playing video games, browsing on their phone, and sending text messages. Find some healthy alternatives to digital time, such as taking a hike or building something together.

A Detailed Glimpse at Enterprise Resource Planning Software


1. Enterprise Resource Planning 


Business agility and responsiveness to ever changing market dynamics are vital factors in remaining abreast of competition and sustaining profits. For a business to become agile, it must be able to track, monitor, and evaluate its major business activities in real time and subsequently make informed decisions.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is one management tool that can help your business become more agile by aggregating and organizing data that is spread across each of its independent departments. It can be used to collect, manage, store, interpret and organize data from diverse business processes. These include inventory management, shipping and payment, product planning and cost, marketing and sales, and manufacturing. ERP can also track important business resources—raw materials, production capacity, cash—and the status of business commitment.

Applications that form part of the ERP system differ from business to business, based on their needs and understanding with the software developer. However, the major function of all the applications is to facilitate information flow between data–generating business departments such as manufacturing, accounting, sales and purchasing. In fact, the basic goal of using an ERP system should be to provide one central repository for all data that’s shared by all the various facets of the business to enhance the flow of data across the organization.

2. Business Value of ERP 

At its core, an enterprise resource planning tool can help employees in your organization execute their respective tasks more efficiently by breaking down barriers common in most business units. Specifically, ERP:

-Enhances the financial compliance of a business with regulatory standards and minimizes risks.

-Greatly improves customer support services by providing one source for billing and relationship tracking.

-Automates major and time-consuming business processes such as order-to-fulfillment, lead-to-cash and procure-to-pay.

-Avails global, real-time view of information that can enable businesses address concerns proactively.

3. ERP Trends

Many businesses—SME and larger organizations—have made ERP solutions an essential component of their operations. According to Enterprise Apps Today, ERP software is affected by the following trends:

Cloud ERP

Cloud enterprise resource planning is based in the cloud and relies on the cloud rather than proprietary server infrastructure to help businesses share information across different departments. It functions by integrating functions vital to running a business such as inventory, accounting, human resources and order management into one complete system. Today, cloud ERP solutions are more accessible and more mobile and have become a viable option for SMEs aiming to implement solid, cost-effective, and reliable solutions to organize and streamline their various business functions.

 Social ERP 

Social learning is fast becoming an important consideration in increasing collaboration and communication within organizations. To enhance social learning within organizations, vendors offer ERP social packages.


4. Importance of Using a VPN 

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure, like the internet, to provide individual users or remote offices with secure access to their company’s network. If you are going to use ERP, a VPN is essential to the framework of your company. Here are its benefits:

Minimizes Costs

Whereas dedicated leased lines and circuits can be relatively reliable, they are quite expensive. Using a VPN can save your business more than half of its data service costs by adopting a cost-effective telecommunication solution such as ADSL.

Moreover, managed VPN service providers can save your business money by routing the data of several business departments (such as manufacturing, accounting, sales, procurement) over the same data lines.

Greater Access to Mobile Users

Most VPN users are telecommuters. Since many employees now work from home or spend most of their time on business trips, being able to connect to the company’s servers to access company data offers tremendous convenience. The VPN will also protect your company’s information should your employees need to connect via unsecured or public Wi-Fi networks.

Enhanced Data Security

With a VPN technology, your organization’s data can stay protected all the time. Hackers won’t be able to access any of your company’s important data such as financial accounts and other confidential files. It’s the single best tool you can have for data security. Therefore, it’s vital to find the right VPN for your employees.


An enterprise resource planning software is vital for any business, especially for a small or medium-sized business that needs to set up its framework. It provides one central repository for all data that’s shared by all the various facets and enhances the flow of data across the organization. Effective flow of data within a business is crucial for its growth.

Cassie Phillips is a writer and blogger for Secure Thoughts. She specializes in online security and data security for business and individual usage.

How Can You Use Video To Grow Your Business?

The digital world is one filled with many media orientated aspects that affect our generation day to day and this focus is imperative to explore as a business. Under the umbrella of the digital age it has endorsed us the freedom of the Internet and business’ now have to step up their advertising and promotion campaigns with visual and video marketing.

So how can you use video to help your business grow? Want to know how to build strength within your company? Grab a camera, get your team on board, brainstorm to develop the ideas you need and follow these five quick hints below and you will be well on your way to the world of video marketing;

  1. Introduce your business – Create a video that is fresh and represents your business in a relaxed and easy to follow approach. Potentially start with a simple studio setting, just you, talking about your business. The relatable video will catch your customer’s attention in seconds, and they will understand your business in minutes.
  1. Brand Recognition – Create a video that has an element, which your customers will continuously recognize. Videos are the easiest way to get your brand out onto the market, just make sure you are consistent with your ideas, throughout every video you make, repetition of the brand representative is the key to success of brand recognition.
  1. Vlogging – Want to personalize your business? Then vlogging is the way forward, it’s personable and relatable, and it’s a proven way of getting your customers on board. A simple video of how to use a product, or a subject that engages your audience to your business will help your business grow.
  1. Visual Reviews – Upload videos of your customers enjoying your product or service. This will help your business grow, and will help your customers relate to the product or service.
  1. Go Viral – Social media is the biggest platform, and catchment area for your audience. Get your team together and creative a swift, sharp video, which catches the audiences’ attention. Develop your business by going viral as you watch your video fly round the Internet. Make sure your video represents your business in some elements, but it has to go viral, make sure the video is addictive and will make people want to watch and most importantly, share!