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10 Flaws which will influence your employees in a bad way

Being a leader is not an easy thing to do. Being a good leader is even harder. In this article, we will cover common reasons why employees lose their faith in leaders. If you feel insulted, that is good, it means we struck a nerve, and that some things needs to be changed.

  1. Self-centered – Everyone are in the business because of the money, no argue about that, but if you go so far that everything is set to your advantage, you will lose both money and employees.
  2. Inconsistent – You say one thing, give certain promises, and then you do not fulfill them. It is one thing if your company had failed to achieve some goals, but if there is an internal agreement on certain matter, stick to your promise.
  3. Lack of faith – If you do not believe something can be done, how can you expect from others to believe in you? There is a tactic to set a notch higher goals, but you must believe in what are you doing. You are an example to your employees, and if you lack faith, how can you expect from them to do different?
  4. Ruling by fear – One thing needs to be clear. You must be intimidating. Frightening, to instill great fear, but for competition. There is a difference between a lion guarding his cubs, and the lion who beats them. First one is setting up a base for a strong pack one day, and the other will be left behind once he grows too old.
  5. Too easy – In business, mistakes are made, simply it happens. But when it does, tell that to your employer which made it. Be clear, fair and honest. If you are too soft, people will think that you lack spine to confront them with their mistakes, which will make their faith crumble.
  6. Afraid – Lack of courage is one the worst flaws for a leader to have. It makes others question their ability to lead team or a company, and start doing their job half-way through. Instead of focusing on their work, employees will think about whether they would be better as leaders.
  7. Braggart – With great power comes great responsibility, no argue about that, but there is no need for you to boast about your new car, which costs as yearly income of an average employee.
  8. Unrealistic – Goal of increasing your profit by 3% this year is good, motivating thing to strive to, but to promise that your company will buy Microsoft completely another.
  9. Unsupportive – Sooner or later, we hit the bottom hard. But it matters only how high we bounce back. If your employee goes through tough period, be there, and help him bounce higher. They will appreciate it. People will also see you as a human person, who cares for something other than profit.
  10. “The smartest” – Your position as a leader is a result of a hard work, effort and sacrifice, but do not be deluded. You are not “God-given” to this company, and do not behave like this. Everyone can be at that position.

We hope that the information in the article is beneficial. However, If you are uncertain about how employees see you, the company can always set up a questionnaire with survey awards, and make it anonymous. Fortunately, there are companies, such as ProOpinion who are quite successful in providing online surveys for respected firms. This will encourage your employees to be honest, and will also strengthen your bond with them.

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