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9 Good Reasons to Work from Home

There seems to be a lot of negative aspects out there with regards to people who work from home.  Perhaps you have come across some yourself?  Do people you know, maybe friends and family, think you are lazy and that working from home is just an excuse to sit around and do nothing?  Don’t be disheartened if they do, because as long as you are making productive use of your time; working from home is often a more effective way of running a business.

In the following post we will look at 9 great reasons why you should continue, or start working from home.

It’s Inexpensive

If you use your home as the base for your business, you save a lot of money by not needing to rent office space.  That money that you save can then be put to better use and invested in marketing, technology and anything else that will help your business to grow.

No Commuting

You’ll be amazed how different you will feel at the beginning of a working day if your daily commute involves walking a few feet into your home office setup – and that’s if you even have one!  Not having to get up early to catch that train or bus at 7 in the morning or driving through the busy rush hour traffic can allow you to work for short or longer hours as you see fit.

It’s Convenient

If you feel that you are more capable of working at odd, out of office times, or are a creative type who works more on feeling and impulse; working from home is a great option because of the convenience.  If you want to work, you can work.

Easier and Less Expensive Childcare Options

Although it can be something of a double edged sword, working from home if you are a parent, makes dealing with and arranging childcare a lot easier and less expensive.  It also means that you are able to fit in sports days and school open days around your work, rather than having to apologise to your children or their teachers because you can’t make it.

Coffee Shops

If you work from home you may not want to hold a business meeting there, instead you can arrange meetings at a local and convenient coffee shop.  Modern coffee shops are great for those who work from home and need to attend meetings or need time away from the four walls of their home, because they normally have a wireless broadband connection that enables you to stay connected.

Easier To Deal with Domestic Problems

Life is full of problems and issues and it is not always easy to deal with these when you are away from home at work.  Working at home therefore makes it a lot easier to deal with these, even if it’s just by being at home so the plumber can fix a tap.

More Comfortable

While it is obviously important to have some kind of work-like environment, you can dress as comfortably as you like.

Tailor Your Working Environment to Your Needs

When you work from home you are able to say goodbye to no having a choice of what you listen to, whether the windows are open or closed and so much more.  When you work from home you are fret to tailor your working environment to your own needs and wants.


Working from home is a lot healthier too as you avoid the inevitable colds that get passed round.

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