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Delegation – Hiring Online Workers Via oDesk

Although you may think of your new business as your little baby, your project that you want to be involved in every step of the way; you can’t do everything by yourself.  Even if you manage to convince yourself that you can do everything yourself, it may go well for a while but eventually you will find that you are spreading yourself way too thinly and in trying to do everything, certain areas of running your business – more often than not  the most important ones – will suffer as a result.

The Importance of Delegation

That is why any good business owners, regardless of size, logistics or even the industry they are operating within, knows and appreciates the importance of delegation.  There seems to be a misconception that delegating means that you are either too lazy or incapable of doing those particular tasks by yourself.

Frees Up Your Valuable Time

While it makes sense to delegate jobs that require skills that you do not possess, hiring dedicated workers is more important in the sense that it frees your time up.  This means that you are able to use your valuable time more productively to concentrate on the areas of running your business that are more important, such as growing your customer base or working on your products and services.

Hiring Online Workers

Whether you work online or not, one of the best ways of hiring extra staff is using the internet.  There are a selection of websites out there that enable you to have jobs and tasks, regardless of whether they are regularly occurring or one off projects.

If it is just that you need content written up for your blog, you can find writers who are willing to work for competitive prices to take that load off your mind.  Similarly if you a website or logo designer, someone to carry out monotonous PA tasks like phoning a list of businesses to make appointments or simply just dealing with your email – hiring online workers through a site like oDesk is perfect for this.

Easy To Use

ODesk and other sites like it are very easy to use, regardless of what you are looking for in online workers.  It is free to register an account with the site and you are then able to post jobs, in a similar way as to how you would advertise jobs offline.  ODesk users then have the opportunity to post their proposals that explain why they feel they would be right for the job you have posted.  You are not obligated to work with any of them, but can choose the individual(s) that meet your criteria and who fall within the available budget you have for paying extra staff.

You can then contact them either through oDesk itself or another preferred means of communication.  There is no need to worry about whether or not they are going to be as productive as you would like them to be or not, as you can set things up so they have to track their work and have screenshots taken of their work automatically and you only have to pay for work that they did and not if they waste time doing other things.

It may take a little getting used to, working with others and managing them, but once you get the hang of it you will wonder why you didn’t do it from the start.

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