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Is technology to blame for your child growing up faster?


Children today are exposed to a lot of stimuli from technological sources. This has led to children becoming more aware at a younger age. Knowledge brings a higher degree of maturity at a younger age. Some say that this means children are doing better, while others say that too much too young is bad for the overall development of the person. Here are some key facts to consider about the impact of technology on the younger generation:

Unsuitable material

There is a lot to be seen on the internet and not all of it is appropriate for anyone at all, let alone a child. Although parental controls are available on many devices and computers, it is hard to completely eliminate unsuitable materials from being accessible to your child if they use any electronic devices. Some older children may even know how to get past your controls.

Social media

Social media sites are supposed to be for people 13 and older but this is not always the case. It is important to talk to your child and teens about online safety. Children and young teens on social media are particularly vulnerable to predators, or to being contacted by other unsuitable persons such as classroom bullies. Children and teens can be tempted to lie about their age or even have several different profiles. Many parents attempt to monitor their child’s social media somewhat, with varying results.

Lack of privacy

Remember when classroom quarrels or disagreements used to be kept at school? Now children face the prospect of their troubles being expressed via social media. This means that children have little privacy. There is also the fact that with everyone carrying smartphones, a photograph can be taken at almost any time.

Less time living and more time sharing

Electronic devices can be addictive and take away from a child’s quality of life. Sometimes it seems that children and adults alike are more concerned with letting others see what they are doing than truly enjoying the experience themselves.

Imposing limits

Some people say that the lack of privacy and the invasiveness of technology in the lives of everyday people is reason to impose some regulations and limits on the press and social media. Max Mosley has been in favour of some privacy regulations to combat the breaches of privacy he has to deal with as a well-known person. You can hear more from Max Mosley on 4thoughttv. Those who are against these limitations argue that it goes against freedom of thought and speech to exercise control over print and digital media sources.

Talking to your child

With influences from all over the world available to your child nonstop, it is important to talk to them about spending too much time living in a digital world. This may mean imposing limits on how much time they spend playing video games, browsing on their phone, and sending text messages. Find some healthy alternatives to digital time, such as taking a hike or building something together.

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