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Three Business Areas that Staff Training will Improve

Many companies today think that training isn’t a necessity during these difficult economic times, and it is unfortunately the first thing to be cut from many businesses’ budgets. If you’d like to know how investment in training could help you improve your sales and keep customers coming back, then read on.

The Workforce

Career choice and job satisfaction isn’t all about money; according to recent statistics, 76% of employees want career growth opportunities in the workplace. People are dreamers; they like to evolve and progress, and their daily working environment is no different. Training opportunities mean not only a future for your staff, but it tells them that you care. The fact that you have recognised them as someone who would benefit from development suggests that you have confidence in them, which in turn raises their self-esteem and belief in there own abilities.

Plus, it can be done in several stages so that your staff get the opportunity to develop their new skills in practice and implement it in their daily working life. Check out the latest ITIL Certifications on the Global Knowledge website – the learning structure now consists of foundation, intermediate and complementary courses, eventually leading up to the award of ITIL® Expert. In this way, your staff can progress at their own pace in a professional online environment.

The Customer

As much as 40% of employees who receive poor training leave their positions within the first year – that’s a huge statistic. That kind of staff retention will have implications for your bottom line, if you have to keep giving bad service while new employees learn the ropes continuously. The customer is the second key part of your business that improves with training. If staff feel happier and better equipped to deal with the public, they pass their knowledge on to the consumer who can make more informed purchasing decisions. As a result, they revert to you as their go-to supplier for that type of product, as it’s the fantastic service they received that sticks in the memory.

The Turnover

Needless to say, when your customers keep coming back, your turnover keeps rising! Training is not an expense, it’s an investment! Would you rather keep ill-informed staff while employees with the potential to go further in your company walk out? Or have good employees that contribute to more leads and higher sales figures? Staff training needs to be seen as an opportunity to build your business, improve returns and provide great customer service, not a burden to be ignored.

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